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The Disruptors Mastermind (aka “DM”) is reserved for those who are “disrupting” industries and creating MASSIVE change.
This Ultra-Exclusive group is the ultimate destination for those unique individuals who challenge the status quo and are committed to moving humanity forward.
Members get access to the MastermindPlus Lifestyle training library, 3 yearly in-person meetings, monthly online private mastermind calls, personal coaching and accountability system.


  • You Must Be the Creator or Involved in a Disruptive Technology or Forward Evolved Process
  • You Must Be Ready to Push The Boundaries of Thought and Design
  • You Must Thrive on Doing What People Say Can’t Be Done
  • You Must Be Cool and Able to Leave Ego at the Door
  • You Must Be Already Innovating at Light-speed
  • You Must Be Ready to Have Your Mind Blown!

Group size is limited to 20 members and is by application only.

Currently Closed to New Applicants