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The Influencers Mastermind (aka “IM”) was exclusively created for thought leaders who have a tribe and can move a large group to action.
Members will receive underground training to 10x their tribe and influence in the market. The “IM” is perfect for authority bloggers, publishers, content creators, experts, authors, media owners, video producers and social media moguls.
Members get access to the MastermindPlus Lifestyle training library, 3 yearly in-person meetings, monthly online private mastermind calls, personal coaching and accountability system.


  • You must have a tribe of at least 50,000 loyal followers or email subscribers
  • You Must Be Ready to Push The Boundries of What You Thought Possible
  • You Must Have Ideas to Share That You Believe Can Change the World
  • You Must Be Cool and Able to Leave Egos at the Door
  • You Must Be Ready to Scale & Automate Systems
  • You Must Be a Forward Thinker

Group size is limited to 25 members and is by application only.

Currently Closed to New Applicants